General Director

gdFarkhad Rasulev

Let me welcome all people who are interested, concerned – namely the guests of our wonderful country!

It is great that many tourists from all over the world can afford to visit the Great Silk Road cities.  Tourism in our country is not only a business but also the opportunity to demonstrate the hospitality and cordiality which are rooted in the mentality of our people. From time immemorial, people living in our land have eagerly awaited caravans to learn something new, gain cultural values and demonstrate their achievements.

Our Company’s mission is: get you well-informed about our country, about history and beauty of this land and do our best that your journey would be pleasant while your visit to Uzbekistan.

For more than 18 years of its existence, our Company has achieved impressive results in this regard. hose year we began, the Company was represented by only one manager with its own car fleet numbered four Volgas (Russian car). We offered tours from Tashkent through Samarkand and Bukhara, to Khiva. After years of operation, we expanded the range of our services, and by 2000 we had acquired the infrastructure and developed our relations with all suppliers located along the Routes.

Today, DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES is represented by 20 people. They are multilingual highly professional employees who tackle almost all the tasks related to travelling around Uzbekistan which include all the arrangements from visa support to organizing any kind of events within the inbound tourism framework. The Company’s car fleet includes now 14 comfortable intercity Euro-3 standard coaches, 5 Istana Euro-2 standard minivans and 4 Chevrolet Lacetti sedan cars.

We have created a lot of unique routes within these years – not only within our Republic but also beyond it, almost on the whole Silk Road. These years, our tours include five Central Asian countries, and we work closely with our partners from Iran and China as well.

Would you like to have an exotic adventure travel, we can offer you Safari in Kyzyl-Kum desert area, Jeep tours across Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan.
Our Team never stops at what has been accomplished. There are many amazing places in Uzbekistan; they are far away from traditional roads but undoubtedly worth seeing!

The main reason for pride in our Company is our employees. Many of them have worked for DOLORES TRAVEL since the first day of its foundation. They are young and concerned enthusiasts who always do much more than they promise. They always evaluate the situation from the position of a tourist, which helps them successfully cope with the numerous tasks.

That is why the travelers’ testimonials, their recommendations and gratefulness have always been the best advertisement for us.

Uzbekistan is a unique country which combines so many factors for an excellent unforgettable journey, such as: favorable climate – our tourist season lasts for almost 8 months and each season has its own charm. It is also a delicious cuisine, whole-hearted hospitality and joy of receiving guests; it is organic food: almost the year round there are fresh vegetables and fruits. It is the bright sun and abundance of greenery. The landscape is diverse: there are deserts and mountains, lakes and green oases. And, of course, it is our cultural and historical heritage represented by more than 1000 monuments of architecture. Rich history and culture which I think a real traveler would be happy to touch. Having come to our country, one can understand what Marco Polo was looking for here, the reason why Alexander the Great thought to get here, what Amir Temur guarded in this land, what was the source of inspiration for Omar Khayyám and Ferdowsi, what sky Ulugbek was looking up and why Abu Ali ibnSina loved this land with his whole heart…

Welcome to Uzbekistan!