Our Managers

ShakhnozaShakhnoza Bayzakova

Launched an activity in the company from 2008. Graduated from Uzbek State  Financial University.  

The principle she follows sounds like «Keep on fighting till the end!». Her favorite route is a flight from Tashkent to Khiva; then from Khiva by bus, by shuttle bus, or by car – to Bukhara and Samarkand.

Her favorite city is Bukhara with its Samanids Mausoleum, the unique ancient construction having been carefully preserved by Bukharians up to the present day.

Operation Director – shakhnoza@dolores.uz


timur1Timur Ishmuhametov

Joined DOLORES TRAVEL team in 2005. Graduated from Tashkent State University of Economics, Faculty of International Relations.

His favorite saying is “Never give up!” as he always finishes all t+he beginnings in spite of difficulties.

He likes autumn with all its wonderful colors and is fond of playing big tennis.

Having extensive experience in the field of tourism, Timur always approaches each task very seriously. He’s very careful to all the small details.

Commercial Director – timur@dolores.uz


Umida Ibraimova

Umida Ibraimova

Graduated from Uzbek National University, French Faculty. From 2009 till 2011 studied in the University of Lion (France), Tourism Faculty (Marketing and Development of Touristic Zones and Areas).

Being in the team of DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES from October, 2011 she has being worked with responsibility. She is a competent and operative. Responsiveness and attentive relations with clients are her main achievements.

Honesty, loyalty, optimism – these are three qualities of Umida’s nature. She is expeditious, attentive to details and to the tourists’ needs. That is why guests of our country love her so much; those tourists who have once worked with Umida prefer to use only her services. She likes reading books though she often happens not to have enough time for reading even e-books.

Umida is keen on dancing, sports, traditional and Sufi medicine. Her favorite city is Khiva, and the route she prefers to all the others is from Khiva to Samarkand via Bukhara and Yangigazgan. Fall is, of course, her favorite season because Bukhara looks so beautiful in fall.

French-speaking Tour Operator – umida@dolores.uz


Anastasiya MAnastasiya Markinaarkina

Joined a company in November, 2010. Graduated from Uzbek University of World Languages. Anastasiya is a person who is completely and forever in love with her profession. She has been officially working in tourism since 2007; even as a child she accompanied her father who worked as a driver for a travel company and took her along with him to the mountain gorges and historical sites. It was the time when Anastasiya had decided to commit herself to tourism and then successfully put her decision into life.

She seems to be a princess of Bukhara in her previous life as she is fond of oriental beauties’ style of bijouterie, national scarves and hand embroidery which suite her so well. Her hobbies are dancing, music, foreign languages, and reading classic and fantasy books; she always tries to find the one to discuss what she has read with. Anastasiya is the living refutation of the “blonde girls” myth.

The elderly couple from Australia, Helen and Terry Jones, were those tourists she remembered best of all. The man was allergic to salt, and the Australians together with Anastasiya tried to find a tea-house (chaykhana) where unsalted pilaf could be served…

Her favorite route is Tashkent-Samarkand-Shakhrisabz-Nurata-Bukhara-Khiva-Tashkent-Chimgan-Charvak, which is the journey from civilization to the wilderness, then to the eastern fairy tale and finally – to the mountains.

English and Russian-speaking Tour Operator – anastasiya@dolores.uz


Kristina Rovelo-Rosero

Kristina Rovelo-Rosero

Joined DOLORES TRAVEL team in 2009. She has a good skill of working at international companies. Kristina took classes at Universidad of San-Francisco, School Cambridge.

This young lady is keen on travelling and each time she comes back after a journey she brings a map of the cities she visited, for her collection of maps. Romantic, creative, attentive!

There are many tourists she remembers quite well, she can tell a lot of funny and touching stories from her practice but those who best of all stuck to her memory were the first three Spanish tourists from Palma de Mallorca she worked with.

The Chor-Bakr Necropolis in Bukhara city is Kristina’s “place of power”.  Her favorite route is Silk Road, from its beginning to end, with all its turn-outs and unremembered paths. She likes Navruz Holiday and mid spring, the time when everything around blossoms and comes alive and when tourists come to our warm country.

Spanish-speaking Sales Director– kristina@dolores.uz


Sanjar Azizov

Sanjar Azizov

Joined a company in 2011. Studied at Tashkent State University of Economics, International Tourism Faculty.

He has a phenomenal memory; mastering any foreign language makes no problem for him. Sanjar is a sociable and cheerful guy whose voice and laughter is easily recognized in reservation departments of hotels in many countries. He always finds words of encouragement for everyone.

Sanjar has a high capability for work, that is why “No pains, no gains” is his favorite saying.

He prefers long, multi-day trips combining both extreme and excursion into history.

His favorite place on Earth is Khazrati Imam Complex in Tashkent.He visited this place of pilgrimage so many times that it could be equated to several visits to Mecca!

Spanish-speaking Tour Operator – sanjar@dolores.uz


Alexandra Tursunova

Alexandra Tursunova

Graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Faculty of English Philology; since December, 2011 she’s been working with the Company. Alexandra considers the possibility to show to the foreign guests the entire country and to demonstrate its color and hospitality to be most interesting thing in her work.  

In her spare time she practices floristic; her life principle is tertum non datum – no development makes degradation.

For Alexandra it is hard to define the place she likes most of all, for every corner of the country is favorite and dear to her. But there is a special place that kindles her interest and makes her heart beat rapidly: it is the Aral Sea with its fantastic canyons, salty shores and beautiful sunsets.

She believes that each season is beautiful in its own way. Not only the tourist seasons – spring and fall –but also winter sometimes may be the best time to walk around the city. And the best thing is to go by the route from Tashkent to Urgench or back, and breathe the smells of the spring and the blossoming flowers.

English-speaking Sales Director – alexandra@dolores.uz


 Malika RakhimovaMalika Rakhimova

Graduated from Tashkent State University, Faculty of History. In 1997 she studied history of Europe at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

Two nice characters – kindness and smartness personify her personality. She is fond of traveling, knows several languages; every country has its own special appeal.

She dreams of traveling all over the world, and thinks that a little effort and patience is enough for that. She loves all her tourists for that interest, which they arouse in her. Every human is a vivid history, and Malikamakes the collection of adventures. Malika’s spirit is often romantic as romance is the important condition for the people, who tied his life with traveling.

Favorite place in Tashkent – is Japanese Garden, small Japan in the noisy metropolis where she can philosophize alone or organize picnic with friends.

She likes a period from spring to summer; it’s amazing to watch the transformation of nature from awakening to luxuriant blossoming.

Italian-speaking Tour Operator – malika@dolores.uz


Anastasiya Bisagalieva

Anastasiya Bisagalieva

Graduated from Tashkent University of Oriental Studies, the Faculty of Japanese Philology. She started her working with the Company in April, 2012.  

She is fond of her job in particular and the entire industry in general.

Her hobby is dancing. This is the thing from which she derives mush pleasure and a charge of positive energy. And, which is most important, the dancing makes it possible for her to take her mind off thoughts.

Her first tourists, of course, stuck to her memory best of all. When she was a 4-year student she accompanied a group of four elderly Japanese people. She remembers them with the feeling of warmth and gratitude. She says it looked as if it was them who accompanied her rather than she was… Of course, the first experience cannot go without a worry: once, her tourists got lost in Thailand, in the rain, and Anastasiya could not sit still all night long worrying about them together with their relatives. Being always in touch and treat your tourists like your kindred people is the characteristic of a good tour operator.

Anastasiya so much loves the mountains and Chimgan. Her favorite route is from Tashkent to Khiva, through the desert and the Lake Aydarkul.

Japanese-speaking Tour Operator – bisagalieva@dolores.uz


If you would like to join our friendly team and be a part of DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES, please send your CV to resume@dolores.uz