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Fergana Valley is cozy and picturesque place, located in the cavity with the tight ring of three mountain ranges surrounding it. This lowland belongs not only to Uzbekistan. In the past century the region, not without a conflict, was divided among the three states, including Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. But the central and largest part (60%) of Fergana Valley lies within the state borders of Uzbekistan.
A bit of history
Pleasures of this place were sung by early poets and writers. Historians rewarded the culture and hardworking of its people, the generous nature and richness of this wonderful region.
The role of Ferhana Valley in cultural and historical development of Central region of Asia is enormous. This area is known since BC, being a part of Persian Achaemenid Empire. Afterwards these lands were conquered by the military units led by great Macedonian king Alexander the Great, and some sources believe that it were the heirs of Greek colonists who created here the truly powerful state Dayuan. The references to Dayan state are contained in the first annals from China. From there we can conclude that it was economically strong and wealthy country with developed animal husbandry, handicrafts and agriculture. The Chinese admired Dayuan developed culture, and especially delightful horses that China wanted to get from Dayuan even at the cost of war. Having been controlled by several empires and states, including the Kokand Khanate (its capital — Kokand city — still exists and attracts many tourists to this day), finally the valley came under control of Russian Empire.
Climate and nature
The combination of the landscapes of the Fergana lowland is astonishing:
• along the valley runs the significant river of Central Asia – Syr Darya,
• the middle part of Ferhana valley has the typical desert landscape,
• the sands are surrounded by green cotton fields,
• closer to the cities there are gardens and vineyards,
• above them there are hills and foothills,
• higher — subalpine meadows, summer grazing,
• and finally, the mountain peaks covered with eternal snow.
The climate of Ferhana Valley is very pleasant, the softest in Uzbekistan: no sharp fluctuations of temperatures, little rainfall. In spring months and sometimes in early summer there can be some thunderstorms, but the summer is usually dry.
The most enjoyable time to explore this lowland is August and September. In March everything blossoms here, and hills and foothills are covered with emerald carpet. The markets are full with colorful fruit mountains — grapes, watermelons, melons. The plums, apples, berries (currants, blackberries, raspberries) are pluming.
What’s interesting for the modern traveler
This place is sung as the «Pearl of Central Asia» and attracts tourists eager to know and to see everything. You can make a circular route around the Fergana Valley (800-1000 km) by car for 10-12 days, and get acquainted with all the biggest cities and sights, to see some very special ancient architecture and modern buildings.
Some of the biggest towns in whole Central Asia, and, in particular, in Uzbekistan are situated on the territory of Fergana Valley. Here you can discover the ancient cities, for example, the town of Kokand, and also the new ones – like Fergana. The most comfortable and luxurious hotels of this place, which we offer to our travelers, are located in these cities.
Fergana is the city with very short history. Its main decoration is an abundance of greenery and centuries-old trees. This city is called a garden city by right. Near it there are some trully amusing places to visit. For example, Chimen village has the large and famous spa-resort with some healing mineral springs, which attracts the visitors from all Central Asia. And in less than 60 kilometers from Fergana there is one more beautiful area of Uzbekistan — Shahimardan village with its Kurban-Kul lake. This is the usual and favorite place for the citizens from the nearest towns.
Kokand, an important historical city, is a religious center and can boast to be among the oldest cities in Fergana valley. The city offers to its visitors many monuments of architecture, madrasahs, mosques, which are preserved in the great condition since the reign of the cruel and greedy Khudoyar Khan. Not far from Kokand, closer to Namangand, lies the town of Chust, which is even older than Kokand. One of the central attractions of Chust is a park with attractions and cafes. It attracts visitors from across all Fergana Valley. In this park holy Mavlono Lutfulloh is buried, who, as the legend says, discovered here the source of holy water. Every park visitor should taste this water! Also, the park is well known for its plane trees which grow there for 150 years already. And, surely, the skullcaps – the best ones are manufactured here!
There are four-star, as well as three-star and some boutique hotels in Fergana Valley.Also there are some B&B guest houses, which offer to the guests of the valley a domestic comfort on reasonable prices.

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