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Here you will get information about popular Khiva hotels with reasonable prices.


It is a true story about Silk Road, carved in stone, wood, and ceramics. Traveler will discover the timeless beauty of the vintage city with 2500 years age. Convenient location — 30 km from Urgench, center of Khorezm region.

Has the legend, that Khiva, bearing then Chorasmia name, founded by Shem, bible Noah’s son. Another version — Khorezmian people descended from the Devas and Peri, expelled by the prophet Suleiman. Therefore, local tales said that the ancient fortress of Khorezm built by Devas – that’s why they’re so majestic and impregnable.


It is, without exaggeration, is a Museum city, booking an inn here you will understand why all the central historical part «Ichan Kala» is listed as a worldwide legacy site by UNESCO. Any inn located in the ancient walls of the historical landmarks or in ex-madrasah. Inside each hotel Khiva is furnished with modern furniture and appliances. That is the real magic – when in a luxurious example of medieval Oriental architecture found oasis with air conditioning, television & free Wi-Fi.

Travel and Hiking in Uzbekistan do not conceal the dangers, so go to the tour even at night. Especially travellers love to wander through the sleeping internal city Ichan-Kala. Night play soft artificial illumination and lunar glare create the incredible beauty.


Asia Khiva Hotel is one of the biggest here; with appropriate hotels chain standards — it is represented in 5 Uzbekistan cities, offering excellent 24-hour service for tourists by attentive staff. 4-star inn built in 2004 is convenient – halfway between the Dishan Kala – modern, and Ichan Kala – the ancient area. Has 127 convenient classic style rooms with satellite TV, there is everything necessary for business meetings and remote work. Guests arriving in the summer will appreciate the outdoor pool — pleasant way of cooling off on hot days. Restaurant in addition to European & Uzbek cuisine treats Khorezm dishes – pilaf «Tuhum Barak» or «Chivit Oshi».

asia khiva hotel bar

Well-appointed and just a wonderful Orient Star Khiva Hotel is placeded in the heart of Ichan Kala. Building once served as madrasas name of Mukhammad Amin Khan – it is a rare opportunity to live in the most atmospheric ancient site. 78 room «hujra» — cells where students once lived, provide a unique immersion in the Ancient Khorezm. Unique well thought-out plan — in the heat in the cells cool and heat in the cold, dense walls provide complete sound insulation – no external sounds will disturb sleep. Romantic facade of the construction is very beautiful, with a great national design, large attractive courtyard, where you hear the cicadas in the silence night, and the stars shining bright. Helpful staff, the restaurant of the Orient Star hotel Khiva provides excellent service, tasty food with lovely breakfasts.

orient star khiva hotel - копия

There are 3 hotels of the Malika chain in Khiva:

• Malika Kheyivak

• Malika Khiva

• Malika Khorezm

Each of them reflects its own concept, design are differ too. Read more about each:

Malika Khievak is placeded in the hearth of Ichan Kala, before Islam Khoja minaret, surrounded by mosques, madrasah, souvenir shops and local resident’s houses. From the summering terrace offers wonderful old town views. The restaurant with a great kitchen, breakfast includes not only the continental menu – you can try freshly baked somsa directly from tandir. Friendly staff, spacious, bright rooms adorned with top – carved wood grilles panjara, inn’s decoration in traditional design. There is a comfortable conference center.

malika kheivak yard

32 homelike rooms at Hotel Malika Khiva elaborately wood decorated. Building’s interior in the best Oriental style traditions is typical for late medieval. Located opposite the central portal of Ichan Kala-Ata Darvaza – 3 minutes, separated from the main attractions. The sympathetic staff’s attitude. Not to mention interesting hall design, performed under the Chess Board – you can really to play chess. On the territory — wonderful garden for relaxation and a peaceful tea party in the trees ‘shade.

malika khiva khotel lobby

«Malika Khorezm» is a 3 – star inn placed in the hub of a busy road with convenient access, close to the North gate of Ichan Kala – Bogcha Darvaza. 32 comfortable, large guest rooms of classical style with beautiful old town views fitteded with everything necessary. Dominant share of the building is wood carving. Friendly personnel is ready to fulfill any of your requests. You can have perfect dinner and devote a nice evening without leaving the area — it has bar & restaurant. Restaurant offers delicious Uzbek & European cuisine, but here also typical Khorezm dishes — gumma, pilaf, national sweets with hearty breakfasts.


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