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When is the best period to visit Samarkand?

If you are ascertaining what time would be paragon to visit Samarkand, choose spring and fall — you can't go wrong. In these times of the year the «Mirroring of the World» looks especially wonderfully, bright and contrasting nature gives special glow turquoise beautifications of the city. The staggering loveliness of the sceneries in the fall and springtime months even more staggering – city is lodged down in the dale of the river Zerafshon and encircled by the Pamir Hills. Choosing this period for trip to Samarkand, you will get maximal delight from the hike and just uncovering the city in comfy weather conditions – when the debilitating heat «Chilla» has not still come and the wintry winds so far.

Trip to Samarkand will surely draw to enthusiast of history and architectonics, lovers of handmade jewelry millenary monument and, certainly, for romanticists – the city is quite literally soaked in legends of affection and devotion, mystical secrets and prophecies.


Types of the Samarkand hotels

Book hotel in Samarkand, not sans reason named the «Rosary of the Spirit», with its beautiful legend of “Temur Lang” and the lovely Chinese Princess, and however exotic solution for a romanticist journey. No of the days spent in this «Eastern pearl» will not be mediocre for you, since the forenoon you will be encompassed by a truly Oriental flavor – that custom almost all the hotels of Samarkand. Do not drop the shot to live in authentic palaces in miniature. Completely authentic guest mansion plunged headlong into the way of life of the local or stylized boutique hotels with the creativity design and supreme servicing – here you have a baggy assortment of variants to approach your taste.

Tourism in Uzbekistan is strengthening rapidly, so every tourist now can choose variety for every budgetary. Whether you are piligrimage the Silk Road, or just to Tamerlane's capital– there are any category inns, provide additional services and entertainments.

Hotels in Samarkand are presented as modern business class residences with an elaborated infrastructure as well as colorful cozy private houses. Quite popular guesthouses, designed with conventional Uzbek style and their floral patio.

An extensive chain of different inns dissipated throughout the city, so you can opt for placement in the most interesting part.

Hotels in Samarkand

The most interesting Samarkand hotels for tourists:

  • Registan Plaza
  • Grand Samarkand
  • Malika Prime

Choosing «Registan Plaza» you will live in centre, within strolling spacing to the ancient and contemporary part of town. This Samarkand hotel, formerly called the «President Palace» — is a historic memorial by itself.

Registan plaza hotel Samarkand

Grand Samarkand residence is placed in Samarkand historical part and just 2 km off from the Amir Timur tomb – Gur Emir. New inn, built with Uzbekistan classical architecture traditions.

Hotels in Samarkand

Malika Prime inn belongs to Malika brand is quite popular with tourists. Guests like view to the Tamerlane mausoleum and cordial ambience created by friendly staff.

Malika prtime hotel Samarkand

How to match a Samarkand hotel?

Do rest plan. You crave to visit all sights? Then you need accommodation by tour trail. Schedule a meeting? Consider options near airport or think over the transfer.

Read official description, find tourists reviews. Remember that «good apartment» for each has its unique meaning; somebody needs a douche only and Wi-Fi, but somebody searching for new furniture with full equipment.

Deem about the victuals. You should choice full board if planning to devoted the most of time in chamber. If you prioritize to walk the town, luncheon will be sufficient.

To do your sojourn as convenient as feasible, we suggest you to preliminary pick out the inn and we will be glad to promote you with it. Dolores Travel Company has released a databank of the Samarkand hotels with various categories and full specification with costs and conditions. Reservation form is affordable round the clock.

Reveal Uzbekistan with us!

  • The hotel Majestic Palace is located in the heart of the city of Samarkand, at the crossroads of the New and the Old City and is conveniently located near the main historical monum...