Tour in Uzbekistan

Take Tours in Uzbekistan and Leave Your Mark in the Country’s History

Uzbekistan Country’s History

Have you ever read the tale “One Thousand and One Nights”? If yes, then choosing tours in Uzbekistan is your lucky chance to feel as if you were one of the characters of that story.  Uzbekistan is a homeland for 2,500-year-old cities with rich history!

Dive into Uzbekistan History

Dive into Uzbekistan History

Who said that you can’t go to the past? Each Uzbekistan tour we offer is like a time machine able to show you how people lived in this sunny country long time ago. Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, and Shahrisabz…choose any city and dive into its history! Promise that you won’t regret as each one is distinguished by beautiful architecture, style, and its own rhythm of life.

You can visit the old blocks in the cities of Uzbekistan, where the architecture and the way of life has not changed for centuries. Don’t be surprised if you forget about time and transfer into the oriental fairy tale where you can walk for hours through a maze of narrow streets and suddenly see a blooming garden or a bazaar. Uzbekistan tourism follows the main aim – to give visitors a chance to explore different country’s regions and see great sights and cultural monuments as well as find out more about history and architecture of various eras and dynasties.

Ethno-tourism in Uzbekistan is a great way to get a little closer to the centuries-old national Uzbeks’ traditions and at the same time forget about the bustle of big cities for a moment. The multi-faceted culture and way of living of the residents will be of interest for those who would like to expand their horizons.

Get Acquainted with Uzbekistan Culture

Acquaint with Uzbekistan Culture

Cultural tour in Uzbekistan has much to offer:

  • learn more about Uzbek customs;
  • taste delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine;
  • admire masterpieces of the most skilled hereditary artisans.

Each region of Uzbekistan stands out. Want to know how silk fabric for your favorite dress is made? Go to Khiva that is notable for the ancient traditions of carpet weaving of silk and high-quality wool, elaborate wood carvings, and production of bright and light silk fabric.

Use the chance to visit Bukhara where the locals are known for the ability to work with metal, which has been perfected for centuries. The next must-see place is Samarkand with its magnificent buildings, which have preserved since the period of ruling of the Timurids. This city is also famous for its handmade embroidery since ancient times. Enjoy the delicious white and red wine made from local grapes and buy a bottle for your friends.

In the Ferghana Valley, you can visit the weaving workshops, where the art of silk weaving of the intricate hand techniques "ikat" has been mastered to perfection. As a part of a cultural tour, you will go to the oldest center of ceramic art and get acquainted with Rishton’s famous blue pottery production.

Uzbekistan travel with our company offers only the most entertaining and useful pastime – you can visit museums and historical sites, participate in ethnographic and folklore fairs, go to the theater and film festivals, etc. You will be able to take with you not only bright souvenirs and photos reminding you of your tour to Uzbekistan but also a deeper knowledge about the culture and history of this surprising and unusual country.

Touch Beautiful Nature with Tour Uzbekistan

Tour's Uzbekistan Beautiful Nature

What can be better than sightseeing and learning more about Uzbekistan culture and history? Only feeling closer to the nature of Uzbekistan as it is incredibly beautiful and diverse. Here you can see:

  • vast deserts;
  • fertile valleys;
  • snowcapped mountains.

Thus, a trip to Uzbekistan can be an excellent choice for lovers of ecological and adventure tourism.

Why Travel to Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a fantastic and amazing country where the most ancient monuments stand in harmony with modern architecture and hospitable people welcome every guest at dastarkhan.

 Our tours will entice you into the fascinating world of the East:

  • ancient Khiva – unique city-museum under the open sky;
  • Bukhara will impress you with an amazing romantic atmosphere;
  • Samarkand – a city-legend where you will find a unique mix of history and modernity and where the bazaars will amaze you with their originality;
  • the capital of Uzbekistan – the city of the sun, flowers, and smiles.

Tours in Uzbekistan present a full range of experiences, where everyone can find something to his or her heart. We offer you to check out our programs of tours, including a detailed description of the tours and photos of places to visit. You can send a request to the desired tour, after which our tour operator will contact you. And you will just have to look forward to an exciting journey to the sunny Uzbekistan!