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Uzbekistan Travel Agency Guarantees Unforgettable Journey

Plan to spend holidays in Uzbekistan? Welcome to use the services of our Asian travel agency – we know every corner of the one of the most ancient states of the East that remembers Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane. Uzbekistan will enchant you with a combination of antiquity and modernity in noisy Tashkent, amaze with masterpieces of architecture in Samarkand and Bukhara, win your heart with the taste of pilaf and Laghman, samsa and oriental dumplings, and reveal secrets of the local history and culture.

Uzbekistan Travel Agency Journey

Welcome to Dolores Travel Services

Tours to Uzbekistan will show you the only place on the planet similar to the world of fairy tales we know since the early childhood! Each city, street, house – everything has its thousand years’ history with its stories, oriental wisdom, customs, and traditions. We organize your trip to a country of contrasts. Tashkent is the best proof of the fact that contrasts may look very harmonious: old houses and modern business centers, legendary tea houses and restaurants, bazaars and hypermarkets, old bearded Uzbek men and young people on roller skates and bikes.

We have been organizing tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia for 18 years already. Therefore, if you have been considering the mysterious and fascinating East countries as your vacation destination, our Asia travel agency will provide you with the best offer for your Uzbekistan holiday with a full range of services. With our company, you can order the following types of tours:

  • historical and culinary tours (oldest cities and national dishes);
  • active and adventure tours (biking, skiing, tours on horseback and on camels);
  • tours with the program developed for you personally;
  • business tours with the planning of your seminars and meetings.

We also provide our customers with additional services:

  • visa support;
  • hotel reservations (reasonable prices for high-quality service);
  • transport services between the cities, as well as taxi airport-hotel (passenger cars, buses, vans, SUVs, high-class cars).

Why Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan National cuisine

  1. Hospitality. Here every guest is treated with respect.
  2. Nature. Take the time to travel to different corners of the country, and you will feel the earth breathing. You will like the blooming gardens of the Ferghana Valley, plains, and a beautiful mountain scenery.
  3. National cuisine. Do not miss an opportunity to taste a great number of recipes of horse meat and drink delicious Uzbek wine.
  4. Security. Representatives of more than 100 nations live in peace and friendship here as this is what Uzbekistan lifestyle means.

Uzbekistan Unforgettable Journey

What Kind of Uzbekistan Tours to Choose Traveling There for the First Time?

If you have never been to Uzbekistan, then we recommend starting your trip from the main tourist cities: Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Khiva. There are tourists who have dreamed of visiting a particular city for a long time and would like to order a personal tour. A separate category of tourists are extreme lovers and gourmets. They go for adventure and exquisite national cuisine. And we, in our turn, are always ready to fulfill all our customers’ wishes. We may be your genie making your dreams come true like in a magic story.

We understand that choosing the right tour to Uzbekistan is not so easy. It refers to all trips to Central Asia. For you to not get lost in your desires, we provide you with as much useful information as possible. During many years of experience in the travel industry in Central Asia, we ourselves have experienced the most popular tours and routes. Believe us we have much to tell and to show.

Our staff will guarantee you a rich tour program, safety, and comfort during your stay in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan National cuisine


  1. No intermediaries – we are your Uzbekistan tour operator with an office in Tashkent and a direct service provider offering topnotch service for a reasonable price.
  2. We are with you from the very beginning till the end, consulting, meeting at the airport, booking the hotels, providing comfort and security for the entire tour, escorting you home relaxed and happy.
  3. We are one of the few Asian travel agencies with unique experience in organizing tours throughout Central Asia, so there’s no such a place that we don’t know about.
  4. Most of today's popular tourist destinations on the Great Silk Road have been studied precisely by our guides.
  5. We organize individual tours of any complexity. If you cannot find a suitable tour on the website, we will plan a route based on your wishes.
  6. Contact our operators and get a consultation, which doesn’t oblige you to order a tour. We are available round the clock.
  7. Providing Uzbekistan travel services since 1998, we now have thousands of grateful travelers who came back to us for every vacation.