How to Take the Most Out of Travelling in Uzbekistan

There is no better way to take a closer look at Uzbekistan, the diamond of the East, than to choose one of the tours there. It offers a great opportunity to get acquainted with the country’s unique culture and history. Nowadays, tourism in the country is booming. Each year a lot of tourists come there to see incredibly beautiful landscapes of Uzbekistan and to try one of the most delicious cuisines. Slow pace of life will help you relax while sightseeing the architectural monuments and diving into an amazing world of ancient traditions.

Travelling in Uzbekistan

Exciting Things That Travelling to Uzbekistan Can Offer You

There are so many things to do while travelling around this country. Just have a look at the range of activities the tours include, and you will definitely find them inspiring:

  • Visit the cities of the Great Silk Road;
  • Enjoy safari in the Kyzylkum desert;
  • Take a jeep tour around the city;
  • Learn about the historical heritage of cities presented by gorgeous architectural monuments;
  • Get to know more about the culture and geography of Uzbekistan.

You won’t regret choosing Uzbekistan as your travel destination because this country is full of adventures for different tastes. Everyone knows that there is no better place than your home and that your home is where you heart lives. Travelling around the country and getting that touch of its local life once will win your heart forever!

Travelling to Uzbekistan

How to Choose the Best Tour if You Travel to Uzbekistan

Today, more and more tourists have a wish to visit this beautiful oriental country. Most of them face difficulties when trying to decide which tour to choose – the typical duration of our tours is 7-12 days, but there are usually no time and financial possibility to see everything within this period. You will have an embarrassment of riches while thinking over all the opportunities that you can enjoy after choosing one of the tours!

We are glad to give you a helping hand so that you could make the right choice that will fit into your interests and budget. All tourists will find something catchy and amusing in Uzbekistan tours presented at our website. You will also have a chance to organize your own route, taking into account your personal hobbies, preferences, and finances, of course.  There are individual tours and traveling in groups that suppose all the members can share the budget.

If you are fond of ancient cities, don’t miss a chance to visit Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, which are extremely popular for tourists these days. Love the sea? We can offer you to have a walk along the Aral Sea shore. Tired from the hustle and bustle of the big city? Wonderful nature of Uzbekistan is waiting for you with its well-known canyons! Spending time in the desert yurt camps will be more exciting than you could ever imagine! Religious people will enjoy visiting holy places, which are numerous here. So, be sure, nobody has left the country without having found something to their heart.

Why Our Uzbekistan Tours?

We provide our customers with a topnotch service, offering the best tours to Uzbekistan ever! Some people travel around the world and come back without any special memories. Our aim is to show you around so that you would uncover the Uzbekistan wonders and feel them welcoming you. We know what is worthy of your attention and how to allocate the time you have so that you could take the most out of visiting the country.

Uzbekistan Tours

What is Included in Our Tour to Uzbekistan?

Every tourist may check out the details for the tours available at the moment on our website. Here is a short review of some basic things that we offer:

  • Meeting at the airport;
  • Transfer to the hotel;
  • Breakfasts (included into tour cost);
  • A lot of pastime opportunities from several hours excursions to all day long trips;
  • Transportation services (included into tour cost);
  • Entrance fees to all the sights in the program (included into tour cost);

Uzbekistan Cuisine: Don’t Leave Without Learning a Secret of the  Traditional Pilaf!

Uzbekistan Cuisine

You will be happy to know that our tours are not just about sightseeing and exhibitions. We offer a unique opportunity to discover local cuisine and even visit special masterclasses in order to learn how to cook the most delicious traditional Uzbekistan pilaf yourself. Moreover, you can not only take the cooking masterclasses but also visit local workshops and attend a few classes of ceramic manufacture and embroidery art.

Do you think that you can’t get a clear picture of the country spending only 7 or 10 days there? Hurry up to choose the best tour to the Great Silk Road cities, and you will see that you are wrong!