Welcome to Uzbekistan

This fantastic Asian country can easily satisfy even the most satiated tourists. You always wanted to visit the city reminiscent of fairy tales «One Thousand and One Night» and stories about the victories made by Alexander the Great? You will surely find one here in this marvelous state. You were always dreaming to get in touch with the deeply rooted customs and amazingly hospitable people? Uzbekistan offers you more than you can even expect. You love oriental cuisine and want to fully enjoy it? Uzbekistan will hospitably feed you with the tastiest traditional dishes. And do not forget the rich variety of nature that will surround you everywhere you look.

This fabulous country is more than worthy of attention, and now we’ll try to convince you in that.

A variety of nature and sunny enjoyable weather
Uzbekistan is sure to enchant you with contrast of landscapes and indigenous phenomena. This state can boast mountain peaks changing over into deserts, caves, a variety of national parks and affluent rivers.

The first thing you should mention about the nature of Uzbekistan is its mountains. They occupy more that 20% of this land’s territory and mostly are of the middle height, but some of them reach 4600 m! In the mountains hide several beautiful national parks — for example, striking Chatkal park in the Western Tien Shan. Almost 300 animal species, valleys blooming with tulips, crystal clear lakes, alpine glaciers, rafting on mountain rivers – this is what this natural park is willing to offer, but it’s only a small part, and all of the secrets you should reveal by yourself.
In contrast to the mountain peaks of Uzbekistan there are Karakum and Kyzylkum deserts. Even the deserts of Uzbekistan will not make you bored, since there you can discover:
- white sands of Aralkum,
- hot radon springs,
- cave drawings,
- petrified ancient woods,
- lost exotic villages and much more.

The great climate and weather of Uzbekistan are among the reasons this country is so pleasant to visit. There you can enjoy sunshine about 300 days per year. Winter is warm and lasts only about two months. But since there can be a solid temperature differences during twenty-four hours in cold seasons it is better to discover this country in the mild seasons (spring, autumn), when the weather is more than enjoyable.

Fabulous ancient architecture
It is not easy to find the unique architecture in former Soviet republics, but Uzbekistan is one of the pleasant exceptions — its architecture has preserved the ancient oriental flavor.

There are over 20 cities in Uzbekistan that are of the great historical interest, and the pearls among them beyond any doubts are Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand. Visit to these cities reminds a fairy tale — blue domes, minarets, big and cozy houses behind high walls, mosques, palaces, baths, caravanserais (old palaces-hotels for caravans). This architectural wonders are really stunning for the people from another cultures.
The glory and uniqueness of Uzbekistan architecture was admitted even by UNESCO. Four sites in Uzbekistan were included into World Heritage List (Ichan Kala, the architectural compositions of Bukhara, Shahrisabs and Samarkand). And of course usually these four places attract the largest quantity of visitors.

Rich culture and indestructible customs
The culture of Uzbekistan with its recognizable dances, folk music, paintings, unique authentic kitchen and clothes can easily “give odds” to many other cultures of the East.

Uzbeks is a nation that honors its traditions. They are still totally into their national dances and songs, and haven’t changed the national clothes for a few centuries! But perhaps the most striking custom of Uzbekistan is the custom of welcome. It exists since ancient times, when the Great Silk Road passed through that territory. Bad treatment of a stranger — even of the enemy — meant disgrace for the whole family and even entire village. Therefore for Uzbeks hospitality is not an empty word, but the centuries-old tradition that they cherish now and always.

Uzbek cuisine is the most diverse in the East. There are 50 species of halva only!


Uzbekistan continues to reveal its fascinating secrets and breathtaking views to those who are open to the nontrivial touristic routs, and the reasons for it are obvious. People who love the active lifestyle, winter sports, the ones who love to learn the peculiarities of different cultures or, finally, just a good meal, are warmly welcomed in Uzbekistan.