Welcome to Uzbekistan

Welcome to Uzbekistan

Would you like to experience some unusual oriental atmosphere? Uzbekistan can probably be an interesting destination for your trip. This Asian country will most likely give you a bunch of new unforgettable impressions.

Visiting this fairytale place, you will easily feel that you are in one of the “One Thousand and One Nights” stories – this is certainly something that only rare places can give you. If you get a touch from the Uzbekistan culture for the first time, you will definitely be amazed by the country’s traditions and customs that go deeply into history as well as surprised by people’s hospitality. You will also be fascinated by the nature – its beauty surrounding you everywhere won’t leave you cold. For foodies who would like to enjoy the famous oriental cuisine, Uzbekistan definitely has a lot to offer too.

If you put this fabulous country on the top of your places-to-visit list – you will never regret for sure! And here is exactly why.

Enjoyable Weather and Natural Treasures

Natural Treasures in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan natural resources are rather unique in comparison to other Asian countries. And you will probably be deeply impressed by the variety of landscapes. Here, you will find both mountains and deserts, rivers and caves – a lot of spectacular places that can catch the eye of an experienced tourist. Oh, and don’t forget about national parks – a nature lover will be totally satisfied.

One of the most remarkable things about Uzbekistan nature is mountains. Spectacular mountain peaks sometimes reach up to 4600 m. Overall, the mountains take about 20% of the land of Uzbekistan, and some of the most beautiful national parks are situated there.

However, if you prefer something more exotic, you are more than welcome to check out the deserts. The Karakum and Kyzylkum deserts are quite interesting places to visit. Have a look at what you will discover there:

  • abandoned villages;
  • cave drawings;
  • hot springs;
  • beauty of the ancient petrified wood;
  • white sands of the Aralkum.

The weather is wonderful about 300 days a year due to the country’s geographical location. But if you want to take the most of your trip, visiting Uzbekistan during the mild seasons, which is autumn and spring, is recommended.

Spectacular Ancient Cities

Spectacular Ancient Cities Uzbekistan

Many of the former Soviet countries will hardly impress you with their architecture. But this is a wonderful exception! Each Uzbekistan city that belong to the top 20 biggest ones will let you feel a special atmosphere of the East, carefully preserved since the ancient times.

The cities with their high walls, minarets, blue domes, and palaces will remind you either of oriental fairytales or of good old Disney cartoons. Such cities as Bukhara, Itchan Kala, Samarkand, and Shahrisabz were even included on the Word Heritage List, which once again proves that they are more than worth visiting.

Outstanding Cultural Heritage

Outstanding Cultural Heritage Uzbekistan

This country can impress every visitor by its national traditions that date back to some important milestones in the Uzbekistan history. You will be fascinated by local music and dances, art masterpieces, authentic clothes, and delicious cuisine.

You should also keep in mind that Uzbeks are the nation that has a deep respect to traditions and customs. An old custom to give a hearty welcome to strangers emerged back in the times when the Silk Road passed through the country. This is how one of the most remarkable national features, which is hospitality, has appeared.

If you prefer to be greeted with a decent meal, this is the right place! You will have a chance to try the most diverse cuisine of the East. Every gourmet will find something unusual and delicious to his or her taste.

If you come from Europe or the USA, Uzbekistan will probably look very different from what you have seen before. However, it doesn’t mean this country isn’t worth to be explored. You can learn a little more about it if you search for “Uzbekistan facts” on the Web. Yet, this will be an easy but rather boring way. A more exciting one will be to visit Uzbekistan, dive into its atmosphere, and experience everything on your own.