Cities of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan inherited Tamerlane Imperium grandeur, homeland of outstanding researchers who promoted science progress on global scope.

All the Uzbekistan cities are fair for travel; almost each has unique attractions, features, and occasionally climatic conditions. Take the veritable ambience of antiquity and see the lasting history of these lands. Monuments are not a scanty island located among the metropolis skylines, often shaping a «city within a city». The sensation made on tourists — silence and tranquility, nothing will breach pleasure from the sway of dive in emir’s era.

Uzbekistan is a pacesetter among its Central Asian edge neighbors by the total of antiquity and preservation monuments. To make this an unmatched service, extensive variation of accommodations convenient to any budget, low prices, incredibly delectable cuisine and the affability of the vernacular people – the formula for an outstanding tour ready. At any pore of the year cities of Uzbekistan driven to you in magnificent form with silver decorations winter, floral abundance of spring, the joyous paints of summer and golden-scarlet robes of autumn.

Historical hearth of major Uzbekistan cities  are enabled to the roster of UNESCO cultural heritage:

Landmarks of the Dark Ages and antique Rome coevals are exactly what attract backpackers to our land.

There are no such antiquity buildings in Tashkent – most of them were eliminated by temblors in 1866, 1868 and 1966. This metropole is the capital of country, combining ultramodern architecture with a genuine eastern flair of its snug streets. Multinational inhabitants and more than 2.5 millionth people are glorify for their kindliness. Toleration is not just floor – in the capital coexist religious buildings of different religions, Muslim mosques and synagogues, Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran Chapels built by the renowned Benoit. Tashkent is very loved by travellers for its special atmosphere; possibly, there is no other town on globe which would be yearned so much.

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Samarkand is the second tremendous city, but if we talk about fame — it can claim rights to be titled first. In the once-called «Marakanda» drained most of the voyagers from around the world – the pacesetter edge by the quantity of spectacular monuments. Here, at the last capital of Empires, you can sense ancient East spirit and enjoy turquoise-blue domes, visit worldwide famous Registan square. Poets and philosophers of all ages felled with love with it, found their afflatus here. They gave it the most sycophantic epithets — «Looking Glass of the World, » «Soul of the Creation», «Precious stone of Islam. »

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Shakhrisabz is one of the elderly Uzbek cities; it was witness of wedlock of Alexander the Great with Rokschana, Sogdian merchant daughter. It also saw the childbirth of the greatest Middle Ages invader – Amir Timur, and was the second capital after Samarkand. Exactly here preferred to relax the successors of Timur’s Imperium, they built for this beautiful summer residence under the AK-Saray name.

They recite that Light comes from sky upon all cities and only from Bukhara its rises. This Uzbekistan city is historical, cultural and tourist center famous as Islam bastion, and many of the holy persons was buried here. Hoary side of Bukhara was based before Christ — it is ancient civilizations monument. Town attractions and its distinctive style recognizable in every spot of the planet are the Ark Fortress, Labi-Hauz ensemble and many others. Beautiful Bukhara is even the possessor of the early Muslim architecture masterpiece — the Ismail Samani tomb; the oldest religious place of Islam, its groundwork was put in the 9th century.

Architectonics of Khiva is inimitable and never could be confounded with any other city; it is Museum under the stars. Initial town story bonded with Shem, the scriptural Noah’s son. Legends connect it with spirits, who were Khiva patrons – considered that due to this the fortification was invulnerable to foes. In the gamut of centuries, town always was especial – the most hearth of the Khiva Khanate, and the Great Silk Way. Visiting famous Ichan-Kala you can wander all essential monuments of the first times. Decade of the best Asian architecture examples, like the incarnate of desert mirages can be discovered here – palaces and caravan sarays, ramparts and hammams, mosques and tombs, minarets and madrasas.

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Old centuries lush green trees, sycamore, poplar and oak — it’s all about verdure-city Fergana. Modern town counts its history not so remote, in the 19th centenary with accession of Kokand Khanate to the Russian Imperial. But the terrain has a lasting history. The vale of Syrdarya River, encircled by the Tien-Shan mountainous network, its excellent climatic conditions attracted farmers and ranchers since the stone ages.

Kokand – its behalf as a reminder about Kokand Khanate greatness, which reached heyday in the 19th centenary. Dynasty founder laid the Eski-Kurgan fortress in the 18th centenary, and town began to expand swiftly around. Kokand, like many other Uzbek cities today combine of two parts – old, which retains all historical memorials and contemporary.

If you look at the chart, Karshi seems quite small relative its famous brothers that do not lessen its historical weightiness. And the connotation is seriously – town, which has arised for more than 27 century, was marked with two seals ancient time’s governors – Alexander of Macedon and Tamerlane. Here also was built unique education institution for women — Odin madrasah.

Today it is sovereign, blooming country with its private way into the futurity.

The independence brought restoring to the roots of customs and culture, revive it, and give an emerging meaning to contemporary realities. Cities in Uzbekistan with their peculiar guise, carefully keeping traditions continues its gain from year to year becoming more colourful, appeal and convenient.

  • Margilan (Uzbek: Marg‘ilon) or Margelan is a city (1999 pop 143,600) in Fergana Province in eastern Uzbekistan. It is located at latitude 40°28' 16 N: longitude 71°43' 29 E. at an altitude of 487 meters.According to legend, Margilan was founded by Alexander the Great. On a lunch stop, he was given chicken (murgh) and bread (nan), from which the town took...
  • Nukus (In Karakalpak: Nokis) – Uzbek city, the capital of autonomic republic of Karakalpakistan. On 2nd November 1930 it was decided by the parliament to move the capital from Tortkul to Nukus due to water flows in Turtkul. In 1939 Nukus become the capital city of the republic of Karakalpakistan. Nukus located in the central part of Karakalpakistan republic...
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