Tashkent Juma Mosque

img-64One of the famous Tashkent religious places is Tashkent Juma Mosque. The first building of this Juma Mosque (main Friday mosque) was constructed in 1451 for money of Sheyh Ubaydulla Hodja Ahror (1404-1490). Shayh Ubaydulla Ahror was born in settlement Bogiston not far away from today’s Charvak water reservoir. He was great master of Sufism, the chairman of Muslim clergy and descendant of Prophet Muhammad. Today this Tashkent mosque is named by him, Hodja Ahror Vali.

One of the Sufist holy persons Sheyh Affendi At-Tahur (Shaykhontokhur) was his relative by his mother line. Abaydulla Ahror was very young when he becomes the head of Sufi order founded by followers of Bahouddin Nakshband. He improved the whole system of Sufi order and in the middle of 15th century become leader of Muslim clergy of whole state, which was inherited from Timur. Since at that time Samarkand was the capital of the state, Ubaydulla Hoja Ahror had to leave Tashkent. Preparing to soon departure, he decided to build up the mosque and madrassah as a gift to the people of Tashkent.


IMG_9225Main Friday Mosque in Tashkent was constructed at the hill, so it was visible from long distance. From that time until now people call this Tashkent Juma Mosque under the name of Ubaydulla Ahror, in his memory.

Tashkent Juma Mosque of Ubaydulla Ahror was heavily destroyed due to earthquake in 1868. Even it was reconstructed after 20 years, political disasters after Russian invasion and Soviet time of atheistic regime, led to complete destruction of the mosque. But for justice’s sake need to note that in 1888 mosque was fully reconstructed on the money of Russian imperator Alexander III; that’s why, it was also called by Tsar’s Mosque.

The ruins were abandoned in 1997, and build up new construction on the same place. You can imagine the first appearance of this remarkable corner of old Tashkent now only by old photos.

Juma or Friday Mosque has very nice location. Famous Kukeldash Madrassah and popular among tourists Tashkent Chorsu Bazaar is close to the Mosque of Hodja Ahrar.