«Great Silk Road» brand offers you to pass by routes of Mawarannahr, ancient Sogdiana and Khorezm. Our operators created unforgettable tours to Uzbekistan which are unique and full of adventures. Educational part will introduce you to the history, geography and culture of our country.

You are welcome to choose from any route, or to make your own unique, according to your interests and budget. The largest multi-day tour of the “Heritage of Uzbekistan» includes the journey from west to east of the country. During this tour you will see the ancient cities of SamarkandBukhara and Khiva, walk along the shore of the Aral Sea, and see the famous canyons.  Experience the charm of a safari trip to the yurt camps in the desert; pass the routes of the Great Silk Road, to the Fergana Valley. On the territory of Uzbekistan there is a large number of holy places. Visiting such places is a part of the tours to Uzbekistan. Our company will be happy to offer tours with master classes such as culinary master-class on making a Sufiy-Palov, and other national dishes, the art of embroidery Suzane, manufacturer of ceramic products and Gijduvan Rishtan schools.


Our company has an extra set of options for tours to Uzbekistan, from which you can compose your own unique itinerary. There is a developed transport infrastructure – it is air transportation within the country and bus and truck routes, carried out by car park of our company. Safety and quality of service of the guests of our republic is at its highest level.

It is doesn’t matter which tours you have chosen, the route leaves a very pleasant memories, and will be remembered with warm memories forever.