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Hotels in Uzbekistan



Tashkent Hotels
List of Tashkent Hotels. Description, photos and online booking.
List of Samarkand Hotels. Description, photos and online booking.
Bukhara Hotels
List of Bukhara Hotels. Description, photos and online booking.


Tours to Uzbekistan



Heritage of Uzbekistan
Classic Tours to historical cities of Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva …
Camel Ride tour
Adventure Tour to Uzbekistan: camel safari, a night in the desert in real yurts …
Great Silk Road
Tour by the routes of the Great Silk Roads – cities of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan …



Travel to Uzbekistan

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You may choose one of the Uzbekistan tours presented and developed by our experienced tour operators or send us a request to create a tailor made itinerary especially for you.

Our tour package includes visits to such ancient cities as Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Qarshi, Nukus, cities of Fergana Valley: Kokand, Margilan, Rishtan and many other beautiful tourist places of Uzbekistan. "Dolores Travel Services" is your guide and trip advisor while travelling in Central Asia. Our tourist agency provides hotel reviews, Uzbek visa support and guarantees safety and low prices.

Use the advantage of hotel reservation via our website, which helps you to book more than 90 hotels across Uzbekistan, especially boutique hotels in Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara, Khiva. For more detailed travel information about hotels in Uzbekistan reservation services, please view HOTELS page at our website.

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-I made up my mind to spend my vacation in Uzbekistan. I’ve always wanted to see Central Azia which I knew about from many publications describing this country. But, after all, my decision to go was spontaneous and I do not regret this! I feel relaxed here. The people are open-hearted, hospitable and smiling. They are so easy to communicate with; they treat me so respectfully and friendly!

Marilene Moos,Belgium

- The main reason why I wanted to come to Uzbekistan was Samarkand! I take much interest in Oriental architecture. But when I came to Uzbekistan, I, of course, couldn’t help visiting Bukhara and Khiva. And I so much liked Khiva! It is my belief that Samarkand with its outstanding monuments of architecture is one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world. I’ve had the desire to visit Samarkand since I saw the photographs of my colleagues who had already travelled there. Those ancient names of architectural ensembles sounded to me like fairy tales! I feel so peacefulhere, much more peaceful than in my country:-)… You can tell this to the King of my country, to the Minister and all the other officials!

Patrick & Marie Gilbert,France

-We came from La Rochelle, a small town in France. For us, everything associated with ancient Orient has always been shrouded in mystery and secrecy. We so much wanted to visit this land, to see with our own eyes the Silk Road that Marco Polo traveled over… Our dream has come true! We have already been here for two days and keep enjoying the quietness and peacefulness of this place! Khiva is a wonderful fairy tale city, the place where you can really feel the serenity of mind…

Moonyeen Albrecht, Belgium

- Why Uzbekistan? I like Russia and take a lively interest in the former Soviet republics. I have been to Russia 12 times but never to Central Asia, though I have always wished for ... It is my first visit to Uzbekistan. I feel fine, everything is so wonderful. I am especially impressed by the people of this country: they are so beautiful, friendly and smiling. I feel so warm in this wonderful country with its marvelous and hospitable people!

Michel Behar, Holland

-I know Uzbekistan very well. I am almost Uzbek. I, ofcourse, travel all over the world as I am a tour-leader by trade. In Uzbekistan, the historical aspect is so attractive: monuments, architecture, culture and mentality of people. For me, it is always a pleasure to come to Uzbekistan where I have many friends and contacts. Our trip has been long enough; we started out from Almaty, Kazakhstan, then we visited Kirgizstan, after which we arrived to Fergana Valley. Not with standing them as media publications describing the conflicts at the border between Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan, the situation was peaceful and nothing negative affected us. The Fergana Valley made a special impression on us; it is such a beautiful, friendly and warm place!

Lorenzo Johann & Thomas Kapelka, Austria

-We are students from Salzburg, Austria. We’re going to be teachers of geography. In our University, it is customary to make an excursion tour around the world’s countries. We visited China two years ago, and this time our professor decided to show us Uzbekistan. It was Khiva which amazed us most of all. Then Bukhara did. Now we are in Samarkand, staying here just for a few hours but feeling that the city fascinates us, for we have never seen such architecture! The atmosphere of this country is so quiet and peaceful that you often involuntarily find yourself in a philosophical mood. We have been to the mountains near Shakhrisabz, visited schools, kishlaks, talked to local people. We were surprised and pleased with the fact that, evenin outlying villages, people could speak English and German.

Ishika Wa Goto Ashira, Japan

-It’s been a fairytale trip! Shakhisabz is amazing, with its Ak-Saray palace that looks extremely majestic; it still impresses with its greatness despite the fact it is hardly more than a half of it left…We discovered the other, unexpected for us, side of Uzbekistan having seen those dwellings hidden deep in the mountains, the places rarely visited by tourists. They all are so dissimilar to those depicted in the booklets; all we have seen is so surprising and amazing! Another reason why our trip has been so pleasurable was the nice, open-hearted and smiling people. Although we spoke Japanese and English, and they spoke Uzbek or Russian, we easily understood each other through our gestures, intonations and smiles! I think this "language"can surely be called a friendship language…

Once, local people invited us to the wedding partywherewe had dinner, - all these will forever remain in our memories.

The decorative art admired us with the fineness of its for thought ornaments and colors which is so akin to Japanese art features.

Leyre Elizarri Perez and Dario Garcia Lazaro, November Mega Info Tour, Spain

Hola Kristina! El viaje ha sido estupendo. El pais es increible, muy diferente al nuestro, y sobre todo hemos tenido un guia genial. Un saludo y gracias! Leyre

Buenos días Kristina,
La verdad es que ha sido un viaje muy bonito. Hemos disfrutado mucho de vuestro país, de la gastronomía, del folklore...La organización ha sido perfecta, el guía Mumin muy profesional, con un conocimiento de nuestro idioma perfecto  y los choferes también muy majos y profesionales. Solo puedo hablar cosas buenas de nuestro viaje. Gracias por todo! Un abrazo! Dario

LIzhak Temkin & Ron Benary, Israel

Aleksandra hi! We are almost one week back in Israel but our mind is still far in central asia - Uzbekistan & Tajikistan. We didn't managed to talk while we were in Uzbekistan but what so ever on behalf of all the members of our group we would like to thank you for the wonderful tour you had arranged for us as well as for the standing and supplying of all what has been agreed upon. Undoubtedly, your help & service contribute  a lot to the success of our unforgettable tour. We shall definitely recommend our friends to use your services.

Thanks again & best regards.