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    «Dolores Travel Services» is honored to welcome you at our website. We hope that travel to Uzbekistan with our agency will be full of positive impressions. All tourist information presented here will help you to get acquainted with rich culture and ancient history of Uzbekistan, to find important travel tips and photos, to make a right decision of travel package type and duration.

    You may choose one of the Uzbekistan tours presented and developed by our experienced tour operators or send us a request to create a tailor made itinerary especially for you.

    Our tour package includes visits to such ancient cities as TashkentSamarkandBukharaKhivaShakhrisabzQarshiNukus, cities of Fergana ValleyKokandMargilan, Rishtan and many other beautiful tourist places of Uzbekistan. «Dolores Travel Services» is your guide and trip advisor while travelling in Central Asia. Our tourist agency provides hotel reviews, Uzbek visa support and guarantees safety and low prices.

  • About Us

    Starting from 1997, the company “DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES” successfully runs an activity in the world market of tourism. By now, the company takes up leading place in the list of tour operators of Uzbekistan that render various tour packages along Uzbekistan and neighboring Central Asian countries.

    Our specialization is organization of group and individual tours. Working professionally with huge volume of travelers and understanding clearly situation on tourism market, we offer reliable transportation services and best hotels with wide range of possibilities for tourist recreation, organize outgoing seminars or conferences for corporate clients, plan exclusive incentive and VIP tours.

    TOURS along Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, interesting historical monuments and sightseeing places of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Fergana Valley, organized by professional staff of DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES” will leave unforgettable sensations of love and hospitality in the hearts of each modern traveler, eager to experience history and traditions of East.

    We offer not only big choice of 2-3* and modern luxury 5* hotels, but also an opportunity to book business category hotels in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara in specified mid and off season periods with good discounts. Number of flights to Uzbekistan offered by various air carriers (see HOW TO FLY TO UZBEKISTAN) allows to generate tours of any duration up to traveler’s choice.
    DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES” pays most of its attention to control the quality of provided services on each stage. Company continuously develops all business courses, involving to the process all its partners. DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES” employees (on photo) are trained on the basis of world standard requirements.

    DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES” proposes services of its own motor car park which consist of 12 brand new GOLDEN DRAGON XIEMEN coaches, 5 mini-vans Istana Shaq and 3 Lacetti GLS DOHC sedans (see TRANSPORTATION Services). On the basis of additional requests we are glad to offer luxury coaches as Mercedes, Toyota Land Cruiser and other vehicles.

  • Tours to Uzbekistan

    «Great Silk Road» brand offers you to pass by routes of Mawarannahr, ancient Sogdiana and Khorezm. Our operators created unforgettable tours to Uzbekistan which are unique and full of adventures. Educational part will introduce you to the history, geography and culture of our country.

    You are welcome to choose from any route, or to make your own unique, according to your interests and budget. During the tours you will see the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, walk along the shore of the Aral Sea, and see the famous canyons.  Experience the charm of a safari trip to the yurt camps in the desert; pass the routes of the Great Silk Road, to the Fergana Valley. On the territory of Uzbekistan there is a large number of holy places. Visiting such places is a part of the tours to Uzbekistan. Our company will be happy to offer tours with master classes such as culinary master-class on making a Sufiy-Palov, and other national dishes, the art of embroidery Suzane, manufacturer of ceramic products and etc.


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    We thank our tourists for another great testimonial!Your pleasant impressions - the best reward for us!       
    Sheila Ingram, Great Britain
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    Hello, Dolores team!We arrived safely and had a great trip. The organization was great and accurate. Hotels were good (Malika Kheyvak was very good and friendly, Kukaldosh had good rooms). Guides were good (Nilufar Nuriddinova in Bukhara was excellent), Drivers were very good. So as you can see we had a good experience.
    Eliezer, Israel
  • Lamia Zekri, Tunisia
    Our group is back from Uzbekistan and Georgia safe and very satisfied of their trip! My guide’s report is very positive about the services you have presented ; very nice and typical hotels, punctual and clean service of transport, a very kind and professional guide,…warm people and very nice restaurants! They have enjoyed every detail featured on the program and they have very much appreciated the services of Mr. Shermat, who was so kind, professional and cooperative. Please transfer our big thanks to him. Finally, I wish to renew our thanks to Dolores for your professional organization of the trip, for your kindness and for your support! We will definitely think about another trip to your country in the future!
    Lamia Zekri, Tunisia